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Wildcats Player and Parent Code of Conduct Contract

The NorCal Wildcats organization is committed to the long-term development of youth basketball players as well-rounded athletes, and productive and respected members of society. Excellent sportsmanship in the form of healthy competition coincides with an overall attitude of community awareness and the desire to be a good citizen. Therefore, each player will be expected to follow the Wildcats Code of Conduct values and each parent is expected to help enforce these values:

  • Wildcats players will follow the Club Code of Respect, Integrity and Pride.
  • Wildcats players understand that basketball is a team sport and any absences, whether from practice or games, affects the overall team. Players unable to attend a practice or game will notify their coach or manager as soon as the coming absence is known.
  • Wildcats players will show respect to the referees. Players will accept responsibility for all fouls issued. Players will positively acknowledge the referee’s efforts after a game regardless of the game’s outcome.
  • Wildcats players will show respect to the other team’s players. Players will not be allowed to taunt an opposing player.
  • Wildcats players will show respect to their teammates, coaches, managers, and parents, including making eye contact when someone is speaking.
  • Wildcats players show integrity by having the strength to avoid drugs, alcohol and tobacco because they recognize the health risks and that they are illegal.


Parents of Wildcats players serve as important role models to their children and to all the other children that they come into contact with. Therefore, the Wildcats organization expects each parent to agree to the following code of conduct values: 
  • Wildcats parents will respect the integrity and judgment of the referees. Parents will refrain from challenging referee calls or making rude comments.
  • Wildcats parents will show appreciation of good play by both teams.
  • Wildcats parents will refrain from “coaching” any player from the sidelines during practices or games.
  • Wildcats parents will cheer and show encouragement at all times and refrain from making negative or abusive remarks about the opposing team.
  • Wildcats parents will follow the “24-Hour Cooling Off Rule” before contacting coaches or Club VPs after a game.
  • Wildcats parents will report to the coach all injuries, special medical conditions (such as asthma) or extenuating circumstances (such as lack of sleep or family crisis) that may affect the player.
  • Wildcats parents will get their kids to practice, games and tournaments on time.
  • Wildcats parents will help enforce the Player Code of Conduct Contract as listed above.